What you need to know about updating your website without compromising your SEO efforts

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It’s crucial to keep your website updated, but it can be tricky to do it without ruining all your previous SEO efforts. We all know that rising in the search engine rankings takes considerable time and hard work, so you don’t want to throw it all away during a site update. The thought of all your efforts being wasted is horrifying, but if you partner with a top digital marketing agency, your Gold Coast website will emerge from the update with even stronger SEO than ever.

Let’s look at what needs to be considered before, during and after your website update to protect your SEO and even strengthen it.


Do A Website Audit

Before you begin your website update, you need to establish what’s working for you, what’s not and where you can improve. This is a complex task, and if you don’t know much about SEO, you can get your site audited by a digital marketing agency who will check a large number of things. Here are just a few:

  • Meta descriptions: Ensuring there is no missing descriptions, No duplicates and they are the correct lengths (from 120 to 158 characters including spaces)
  • Page titles are the correct length (up to 120 characters including spaces)
  • H1 tags that have been duplicated
  • The speed of your site and how each page is performing
  • How Google indexes your pages
  • These are just a few of the checks involved in the audit, which you can see is a complex process best handled by SEO experts.

There are other checks that you can do even if you aren’t technically minded. These are the five most common mistakes to avoid if you want to cause minimal impact on your SEO when updating your website.


  1. Omitting the H1 tag
    Search engine crawlers look for the H1 tag to identify first what your website is about, and second, rank it in search engines. The H1 copy must be well written and use the correct keywords.
  2. Large images and files
    It can be tempting to use large, best-quality images, but they slow the site down significantly and this scores against you in terms of SEO
  3. Pop-ups
    Too many pop-ups make your site appear “spammy”, and because Google and other search engines try to protect internet users from spam sites, this will definitely count against you.
  4. Insufficient quality content
    Search engines look for quality content for searchers, so if you don’t have enough copy, particularly on your Service and Product pages, you’ll fall hard in the rankings. With insufficient, poor quality copy you lose the opportunity to rank organically for target keywords.
  5. Using too much text in images
    Search engines do not recognise text the same way we do, and so can’t “read” text in an image. You may as well not have included text at all. If you include important keywords in images, you’re wasting your time and compromising your SEO.


As you can see, updating your website without compromising your SEO efforts is highly complex and requires the skill of professional SEO professionals. Forwardspace is the Gold Coast Digital Marketing company to turn to when it’s time to update your website. We perform detailed audits and will update your website to ensure it rises even faster in the rankings. Get in touch today to update your website the SEO-smart way.


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