Future-Proof Your Online Content Strategy

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In recent years, Google’s continually evolving algorithms have changed how people search and kept marketers on their toes. Despite the many developments, these marketers’ challenges remain unchanged. They struggle to rise in the search engine rankings, battle to measure their ROI, and often feel unsure of which direction to take.

Many choose to increase their content output at enormous expense, with dismal results because their clients’ site architecture is inadequate and they lack the key to marketing success – a focused strategy to keep up with the ongoing changes in SEO.

Here are three of the most important things you need to know to stay ahead of the competition:



Evolving search engines are changing how people search, so marketers must adjust their content accordingly and optimise content with SEO – which is key to success. Keyword research is essential to finding out what terms your market is using. Google is increasingly using featured snippets – choosing the most authoritative content to highlight. These snippets save searchers’ time and gain the majority of clicks and conversions, so it pays to be chosen. Ask your digital agency what needs to be done to find your content featured in this way because it’s an excellent way to get far ahead of the competition. Quality, authoritative SEO-optimised content is key.



The words people use to search today are very different from the ones they used several years ago. The biggest development is that the tone has become more conversational and less formal. More people are also searching using voice and mobile technology. So while five years ago marketers needed to focus on 15-20 major keywords, today they need to pay attention to hundreds of long tail keywords, as well as local SEO. Organic and local SEO have become increasingly important components for success.



It’s essential to think outside the box when creating content and consider topic clusters – which are wide-ranging ideas related to your core topic. If, for example, your client is a real estate agent, your topic clusters would include: real estate for first time buyers, for immigrants, for investors, for retirement, etc. Topic clusters increase your reach significantly. Ask your digital agency about creating a topic cluster strategy.


There is no stopping the evolution of search engines, and as they change, the way people search will change. Make sure that your content marketing strategy is also always evolving. Search is an ever-changing landscape and you need to traverse it with the right partner. Contact Forwardspace for future-forward content strategies that work.

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