Your keywords rankings have changed. Here’s how an SEO company can help.

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One of the first things you learn about using SEO to improve your website’s ranking is that the right keywords will make a site appear in the right searches so that the right people can find it. You’ll learn that the higher a keyword ranks, the better as top-ranking sites are more likely to be visited than those on pages two and more of search results. Many businesses don’t use an SEO company, preferring to conduct their own keyword research. What happens when they log into Google Analytics one day and see that their website keyword rankings have dropped?



If a website page experiences a substantial drop in organic page entrances, it’s likely due to a change in Google’s algorithm. You’ll need to use Google Analytics to see what words have been affected.

To do this, log into your Google Analytics account and visit BEHAVIOUR. From here, select SITE CONTENT and then ALL PAGES. When you get there, set your search to ORGANIC TRAFFIC and choose the date range for the preceding week.

When doing this, you’ll ignore sessions and page view statistics as a person could land on a page and go on to visit others without starting with Google.

Once you have the results table in front of you, sort the fields from top to bottom to see the top performing pages and once you have this data, take notes of the relevant URLs.



From here, you’ll need to enlist a specialised keyword tracking or ranking tool that will display your website’s organic research and positions, filtering by the URLs you’ve taken down. This will show you what each page currently ranks for and using date parameters you can generate before and after rankings for comparison.

Doing this isn’t possible without access to advanced tools like SEMRush. You need one as it’s the quickest and easiest way to look at your SERPs so that you can see which one has experienced the most significant negative change, then create a counter strategy to improve its rankings.


This is where you’ll need to enlist a dedicated SEO company as they’ll have the resources and capacity to do it. This way you’ll have someone automatically monitoring your rankings and making the necessary changes before they make a lasting negative impact.


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