The Essential Strategy To Build A Thriving Brand

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Boosting a brand from mediocrity to distinction requires focus, planning and consistency. A business brand is more than a logo – it’s everything that makes the business what it is. The branding experts at Forwardspace have compiled a list of essentials for building a thriving brand.



Planning, or lack thereof, can make or break a brand. Research and strategic action define the path a business will take. A clear strategy on how to approach all the following factors is an excellent long-term reminder of what the brand intends to achieve and how it will achieve it.

The most crucial factor in forming a brand strategy is knowing your target market well. Your brand should speak to your intended clients in the right voice.

Age, living standard, address and other demographic information will inform the brand’s voice. Marketing strategies will come from this information too. Whether the brand has a spunky personality, using lots of colloquialisms, or if it will be formal and technical will depend on who the intended audience is.

There must be a promise or set of promises aligned with the brand. It could be good quality products, quick service, reliability – you name it. Public perception of the brand will depend on how well you keep these promises.



A comprehensive document explaining what’s expected when managing a brand is essential. This is a collated manual that helps keep consistency through all branding activities. Brand guidelines are a way to make sure everyone on the production line is on the same page. It’s a document based on research and analysis, so it’s important to add changes for relevance.



Relatable brands have loyal customers. One way to create familiarity with your target audience is to tell a story about the brand. The position you intend to hold in the customer’s mind should shape the story, which is then told in a consistent brand voice over time. Authenticity is crucial so avoid emotional overkill or exaggeration when you tell your brand’s story. Once you’ve fine-tuned this copy – ideally with the help of an experienced copywriter – all that’s left is to secure optimal exposure so as many potential clients as possible hear about your brand and its story.


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