How To Engage Customers From The Very First Sentence

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When you’re randomly browsing an internet search engine or looking for something specific, how long does it take you to decide if a result is suitable? If you’re like most people, it takes seconds. This means that when spotting an article, webpage or ad, you’ll make up your mind whether to keep reading after its headline. What kind of headlines does your business use to target customers? Are you happy with the results you’re getting? If customers are bouncing off your pages after landing without filling in any forms, it’s time to revisit how you’re engaging them, from the very first sentence in your headline. Here’s how we recommend you do it.



‘K.I.S.S’ stands for, “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Lines that customers can quickly read and comprehend stand out and linger longer. Most popular brands use few words, and simple ones at that. Can you distil what your product or service delivers into a short, snappy sentence? This is the best place to highlight a unique aspect or quality of your business offering such as a discount or favourable returns policy.



There’s nothing that customers hate more than clickbait. Nobody enjoys visiting a page or link under false pretences. Make sure that you aren’t making misleading or inaccurate claims and that what you promise you can deliver on. Search engine algorithms take note of your choice of keywords and whether visitors are stay on pages. If they detect a high bounce rate they’ll know that you’re leading customers to your website under false pretences and that they’re leaving as soon as they realise they’ve been duped.



Statistics and numbers lend instant credibility to writing, whether you’re claiming that 80% of your customers save money with your product, that there are over 40 uses for it or that you’ll offer them 50% off if they can find the same product cheaper elsewhere. This will only work if you can follow through on your claims.


Implementing the above into headlines (and then conducting testing before going live to see which ones work best) is the best way to increase the efficacy of your headlines and the outcomes of your copy. It’s something that Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency Forwardspace can help you with, so contact them today.


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