5 Free SEO Keyword Research Tools To Improve Your Business’s Visibility Online

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Google’s sophisticated search algorithm is now capable of contextual and semantic understanding, which has left many people believing that keywords are no longer important for SEO. Not so. For the best SEO results, your business needs to do keyword research to guide its online marketing strategy.

For an SEO campaign to be successful, keyword research to identify the most competitive keywords in your business or field is essential. You’ve worked hard to create relevant and authoritative copy, and you want as many people as possible to see it. When searching for a service or product, people type in keywords, such as “SEO Gold Coast” if they’re looking to improve their SEO and need a local company, for example. You need to know which keywords most people are using so that your website appears in their search results – ideally on the first page.

To identify which keywords to use to ensure that your website ranks well in the search engine results, you need to know which are getting the best results. This will change over time, so research is an ongoing exercise that requires discipline and patience.

Here are some of the best free tools for keyword research that will help you establish what your target market is searching for:


  1. Google keyword planner
    Because this tool uses data from Google, it’s the most reliable source of information about keyword search volume. You need to know keyword search volumes because this info will reveal how many people have used a particular keyword that month and the level of competition in Google AdWords. For accurate results, you must have an AdWords campaign running.
  2. Answer The Public
    Useful for finding out what questions your target market is asking, Answer The Public looks at what questions people are asking. The results are often unexpected and very useful.
  3. Keywords Everywhere
    A Chrome and Firefox extension, Keywords Everywhere works with Google keyword planner and a number of additional keyword planners to provide valuable information about search volumes.
  4. Keyword Tool
    This great tool uses Google Autocomplete data to provide you with keyword options on any topic. It also gathers info from other search engines and sites, such as Amazon, YouTube, Bing and eBay, so provides comprehensive results.
  5. Keyword Sh*tter
    Looking for unconventional or unusual keywords? If you can get over the rather odd name of the site, Keyword Sh*tter will give you the results you’re after.


While there are countless free and paid-for tools to help you choose keywords, it’s not as easy as it may seem and it’s very time-consuming. For the best results for your Australian business SEO campaign, it’s best to get the experts to do your keyword research for you.

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